When You Check In...Check Out Island TV Guide

Island TV Guide is the digital tourism informational island television network of St Maarten. With hotels and timeshares on the Dutch and French sides of St Maarten, the network is viewed in over 1800 rooms, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The television network's purpose is to inform guests about the hotel or timeshare they are staying at, great restaurants, nightlife, activities, off island excursions, day trips, the best beaches, and tips on how better to enjoy your stay on St Maarten.

At every hotel or timeshare we provide an in house closed circuit information channel about your hotel and the amenities it provides. Does your hotel or timeshare have a weight room, do they serve breakfast and at what time, what are the swimming hours, how do you call the United States, is there an in room safe for your valuables, is their room service, are there any dinner parties? These are just some of the many questions Island TV Guide answers for the guests by informing them about their surroundings.

Island TV Guide is an exclusive way to offer real time internet information right on your television. This part of our channel is unique because the hotel or timeshare can update information via the web and inform the guests within minutes about events, restaurant specials, activities, and more. Island TV Guide also provides live updates on the weather and changing sponsor graphics.